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Metal Pipe Data Sheets

Get the exact pipes you need. See our data sheets for size and weight specifications of our metal pipes.

Data Sheets for Metal Tubes

Get exact size and weight specifications for our huge stock of metal tubes.

Find Metal Pipes and Round, Square or Rectangular Tubes in Hamilton

Metal Pipes

Graded pipes are used primarily for the transportation of gases or liquids and can be welded or seamless. They are measured as a nominal size, which designates inside diameter up to 12” and outside diameter from 14” and up and schedule which determines wall thickness, higher schedule numbers represent thicker walls. Each size and schedule of pipe represents a different working and bursting pressure capability.

Round Tubes

Round tubes are similar to pipes in that they are hollow and cylindrical, but rather than being measured by nominal size, they are measured by outside diameter and wall thickness. Tubes can be used interchangeably with pipes for many applications but don’t have specified pressure capabilities.

Square or Rectangular Tubes

Similar in use to round tubes except for shape.

Call or visit Beach Road Steel in Hamilton today to learn more about our metal pipes and tubes.

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